Protesters Alert: Don’t Damage Public Property

Protesters and demonstrations are fundamental rights in any democratic society. It is a way for citizens to voice their grievances, demand justice, and seek change. However, it is important to remember that these protests should be conducted in a peaceful and orderly manner, without causing harm to public or private property. In recent times, we have witnessed incidents of violent protests where agitators have resorted to vandalizing public and private property, which not only causes monetary loss but also hampers daily life activities.

Protest Radio Pakistan building in Peshawar

Radio Pakistan building in Peshawar 

One of the recent targets of such violent protests has been radio stations. Protesters have damaged radio stations, which has disrupted the transmission of news updates, match commentaries, and even the Azan during Ramadan. This not only affects the listeners but also the employees of the radio stations, who have to bear the brunt of the damage. It is important for protesters to understand that damaging public property like radio stations is not a solution to their problems. Instead, they should find peaceful ways to address their issues.


People’s Bus Service in Karachi

Similarly, damaging public transportation like red buses or other bus services not only causes inconvenience to the general public but also to the protesters themselves. How will they go to their offices or colleges the next day if they have damaged the very means of transport they rely on? It is important to understand that public transportation is essential for the smooth functioning of a city, and damaging it only causes further disruption.

Moreover, damaging other properties that are made from taxpayers’ money is a total loss for us as a society. The funds that were utilized to build these properties could have been used for other public welfare projects. It is important for protesters to remember that the taxes paid by the citizens are used to build public infrastructure, and damaging them only causes a loss to the community as a whole.

In conclusion, while protesting is a fundamental right, it is important to conduct it peacefully and without causing harm to public or private property. Destroying public infrastructure not only affects the general public but also the protesters themselves. It is essential to find peaceful ways to address grievances and work towards finding a solution that benefits everyone.