Police Clearance Certificate Pakistan

How to make a police character certificate in Sindh Pakistan

Get Police Clearance Character Certificate Professional assistance for Karachi, Sindh. Visa Purpose, Immigration, Job, and Employment Verification. You can now apply online to get your Police verification certificate in Pakistan

Documents Required:

  • Copy of your Passport
  • Completed Application
  • Letter regarding police verification
  • Utility Bill (Electricity or Gas only)

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Letter regarding police verification (Template):

Letter for Police Verification for (Country Name) Visa

Respected sir,

With due respect it is stated that I have applied for (Visa Type or Country name) Visa (Duration) and for the verification process they need character clarification proof by the (Police Station) of my area, sir my details are given below.

Name: (Your Name)
Address: (Current Home Address)

Sir I have no criminal records, but for the official process you can run my data through your database system and give me a copy of your approval. I shall be really thankful if you do this on an urgent basis.

forward to a quick response. I need Police Character Certificate for myself.

(Your name)
(Your address)
Contact: (Contact number)

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