Car enthusiasts and lovers usually like to wash their cars and bikes with their own hands. The major problem nowadays in the major cities are dust and grime because of broken roads and car smoke. That’s why quick launched quick all purpose cleaners for all types of auto surfaces. You can buy your Quick All Purpose Cleaner from their website

Powerful Cleaning for All Auto Surface

Protection for cleaning any washable or painted surface. Deep cleaning foaming action lifts dirt and helps restore true color and appearance. All purpose cleaner is especially effective for cleaning vinyl and fabric upholstery, floor mats, carpets, and chrome.

Quick All Purpose Cleaner

Suitable for all leather, plastic, vinyl, glass, and rubber surfaces. Nonacidic and harmless.

  • Hight Cleaning Performance
  • High quality surface protection
  • Pleasant scent during and after cleaning
  • Quick removes stubborn grease and grime
  • Quick cleaner cleans all interior and exterior automotive surfaces.

How To Use:

  • Shake well before use
  • Always test on a small area of the cleaning surface to check the compatibility
  • Gently wipe the surface to remove dirt and dust
  • Apply a few sprays on the surface area and rub gently with a soft brush
  • Once the surface is cleaned. Dry and shine the surface with a microfiber towel

Important Tips:

  • Allow spray liquid to penetrate into the surface for 10-15 seconds
  • Apply a few sprays on a clean towel when cleaning electronic items in the vehicle
  • Use a microfiber towel or clean cloth for cleaning
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not use this with naked hands if you have an open injury on the skin