Job Seeker Visa Portugal 2023

A “Job Seeker Visa” for Portugal allows individuals to stay and search for employment in the country for a specified period of time, usually 4 months. The visa is designed for highly skilled individuals who have the intention to work in Portugal but are not yet able to secure a job offer.

With this visa, individuals can travel to Portugal, look for work, attend job interviews, and participate in career fairs and other recruitment events. The process of obtaining a job seeker visa involves submitting an application to the Portuguese embassy or consulate in your home country, along with the required documents and fees. If granted, the visa will allow you to enter Portugal and start your job search.

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  • National Visa application filled and duly signed by the applicant.
  • Passport or other travel documents, valid for 3 months after the estimated date of return. Photocopy of passport (biographical data); 
  • 2 Photos, even, passport-type, recent and in good condition to identify the applicant (1 for this form);
  • Proof of regular situation in case of residence in a country other than the country of current nationality;
  • Request for criminal record inquiry by the Immigration and Border Services (SEF) (Not applicable to minors under the age of sixteen);
  • Criminal record certificate, issued by the competent authority of the country of the applicant’s nationality or of the country where the applicant has resided for over a year (except for applicants under sixteen), with the Hague Apostille (If applicable) or legalized;
  • Valid travel insurance, covering necessary medical expenses, including urgent medical assistance and possible repatriation;
  • Copy of return transport title;
  • Proof of financial resources equivalent to at least the sum of three guaranteed monthly minimum salaries.

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